Mad About Floors Ltd. was founded 20 years ago by its current owner and President, Mark Reiss. 

With an already widely recognized reputation in woodworking and as a finishing carpenter, Mark's genuine enthusiasm was perfectly matched when he decided to master the secrets of hardwood floor refinishing. Woodworking had always been his hobby, but wood flooring became Mark's passion...Out of it, Mad About Floors was born. Hardwood Floor installation, Refinishing, sanding… it's their specialty!

Over the years while serving in the Military, Mark and his wife, Suzie, have owned numerous homes, all of which Mark extensively renovated.  Because of his acquired expertise from many years in the industry, Mark can modify existing floor plans to suit every customer's needs. No job is too big or too small !! 

Further, as an experienced homeowner, Mark understands the unique challenges homeowners encounter, when undergoing extensive renovation projects. He strives to minimize these stresses by:

1) focusing solely on each job through to completion, regardless of weekends or holidays in order to do so.

2) encouraging open communication and addressing any concerns his customers may have every step of the way.

3) using specialized techniques to reduce the project's impact on the rest of the homeowner's living environment. 

Mark and his wife together in their Company, Mad About Floors, pride themselves in serving the Comox Valley, and being at the forefront of technology with their Dustless Sanding system. Their customers asked for it... and they delivered!